Ear Tubes Surgery & Treating Chronic Ear Infections

Some people battle painful and never-ending ear infections. Problems with the tonsils, adenoids, and ears can combine to cause chronic infections. Chronic infections are especially prominent in children whose ear canals are immature. These problems can blunt a child’s hearing, making it hard for them to develop the auditory acuity needed for normal speech.


Treating Ear Infections

The first line of treatment for ear infections is usually antibiotics and pain medicine. Sometimes treating allergies can also help prevent chronic ear infections. If these methods aren’t effective or you still get chronic infections, we may suggest surgery.

Ear Tubes Surgery

If fluid builds up behind your eardrum and is not draining properly Texas Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, L.L.P. may recommend inserting ear tubes. These tiny, spool-shaped insertions can improve hearing, reduce pressure and pain and reduce the need for ongoing antibiotics.

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