Hearing Testing

Hearing loss can be gradual and difficult to notice until it’s advanced. That’s why you should have your hearing screened once a year. Not only will this help uncover changes in your hearing early, it can also detect early signs of other health issues.

Who Should Get a Hearing Test?

Who Should Get A Hearing Test?

You should get a hearing test if you find yourself:

  • Straining to hear conversations
  • Asking family and friends to repeat themselves often
  • Missing lines in movies or at the theater
  • Listening to the TV at a level so loud that others complain
  • Turning the volume up all the way on your phone

What Will a Hearing Test Show?

Hearing tests measure your ability to hear different frequencies at different volumes. They can also measure things like pressure behind the ear to see if there is fluid behind the eardrum. If it turns out you need hearing aids, the audiogram helps us program your hearing aid to your specific hearing loss, similar to getting a prescription for eyeglasses.

What Happens During a Hearing Test?

Your hearing is an important part of your overall health. Because hearing loss is often related to other health issues, we’ll begin by reviewing recent changes to your health. We’ll also ask a number of questions about where you notice you are struggling to hear. Your answers will provide clues as to what kind of hearing loss you’re experiencing and how to best treat it.

We’ll also take a look in your ears to make sure there isn’t any ear wax blocking the canal and to look for signs of infection. Depending on what this initial hearing evaluation uncovers we may opt to do additional hearing tests.

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