We Offer Allergy Testing in North Texas

From a stuffy nose and sneezing to anaphylactic shock allergies can wreak havoc on your daily life. This is even more true when you aren’t sure what you’re allergic to. At our offices in North Texas, we offer comprehensive allergy testing

Allergy tests are a crucial part of a treatment plan. They can reveal what to avoid and the best treatment options.

Allergy Scratch Tests

We Offer Allergy Testing in Bedford, Grapevine and Southlake

Skin prick tests (also known as “scratch tests”) are a quick way to narrow down what might be causing your symptoms. We’ll expose your skin to an allergen by placing a small drop of fluid on your arm or back and gently pricking the skin. Then we’ll wait to see if your skin reacts.

Scratch tests don’t hurt and allow us to quickly test you for multiple allergens right in the office.  

If the test comes out negative, you’re probably not allergic to that trigger. A positive result, however, may be a false positive. Scratch tests are extremely useful to help us identify what food groups and things we should watch, but sometimes a positive result means you’re actually allergic to a similar protein. Further testing might be necessary.

Elimination Testing

Allergy testing is an invaluable first step in narrowing the list of possible allergens. The ultimate test, however, is eliminating the possible allergen and re-introducing it after a set time period. Once we have your allergy test results, we’ll walk you through this option and possible treatments including immunotherapy.

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